The Location of Tears


a)  Photographic transparencies (vinyl printing), plaster, epoxy resin, vaseline 
b)  10x10x1.5 (cm)
c)  2021

Open wounds
A blocked drain
Betel nuts
Subtropical oceans
Hardened plaster dries dampness

Three plump memories hide in the dark, stepping on their right toes, flexing them with cracking heels. They crawl along with soggy secrets on their backs. In and out, in and out wet traces become a polish on the ground. Everything is visible, though light is absent. One of the memories strikes up a conversation. “Have you seen the other two?”

Memory is slippery. It shows itself as glimpses, incomplete shapes of a narrative hidden. It is porous, draining into itself in an active search for reconstructed identities. Fragmented memories become categorized: a self-portrait that is more a referential, authorial fiction than an autobiography.

The Location of Tears combines three essays, fifteen panels of photographic transparencies, layers of vaseline, exploring the concealed and the exposed, the narrative and the non-narrative. The bodies of the texts and the pictures are trying to capture one another in the patriarchal waves of my orbit, or yours.