Upcoming & Ongoing Events

18 December—17 November, 2022

Forthcoming Three-person Exhibition of the Sparebankstiftelsen DNB's Grant Exhibition 2022 (Sparebankstiftelsen DNBs stipendutstilling 2022), Oslo Kunstforening (OK), Oslo, Norway

3—25 July, 2022
‘Gather: Y.E.S. Taiwan IX (Young Emerging Stars of Taiwan)’, Aki Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

6—15 May, 2022
Forthcoming Duo Exhibition (w/ Eirik Melstrøm), Loftet ( Kunstnernes hus), Oslo, Norway

23—24 April, 2022

Forthcoming Open Studio Session of Oslo Open 2022, Atelier 1 ( Kunstnernes hus), Oslo, Norway

Past Events

11 January, 2022 20-23.00

Talk Radio, ‘On SeSiSå Part one’ (w/ Wei Ting Zeng and Montserrat Llampallas), Radio Tenthaus, Oslo, Norway

7—22 January, 2022

‘SeSiSå (forthcoming),’ (w/ Wei-Ting Zeng), Tenthaus, Oslo, Norway

24 September—6 November, 2021

‘Intersension(al),’ Northing Space, Bergen, Norway

28 July—1 August, 2021

‘Vi Sees,’ Podium Oslo, Oslo, Norway

7—25 April, 2021

‘The Great Indoors,’ Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway

19—27 March, 2021

‘The Location of Tears,’ Resepsjonsgalleri, Oslo, Norway

19 February—21 March, 2021

‘Lighter,’ Breadbox Contemporary, Oslo, Norway

Present—24 April, 2020

‘?box-magazine,’ (Breadbox Contemporary) ︎︎︎ here

19—23 December, 2020

‘XMAS xoxo,’ Low Standards Oslo, Oslo, Norway

5—8 November, 2020

‘Work The Muscle,’ Galleri Seilduken, Oslo, Norway

8—11 Octobor, 2020

‘Hinne,’ Akademirommet (på Kunstnernes Hus), Oslo, Norway

4—7 September, 2020

‘The Backseat Window,’ Resepsjonsgalleri, Oslo, Norway

15 May—19 June, 2020

‘The Moment You Told Me You Wanted To Experience It, I Thought About Giving You That Experience 2.0,’ Uncanny Valley

26 March, 2020

The Moment You Told Me You Wanted To Experience It, I Thought About Giving You That Experience,’ White Box, Oslo, Norway

3 December, 2019

‘Keep It Clean,’ Galleri Skylight, Oslo, Norway

28—31 October, 2019

‘The Here and Now,’ Markveien 35B, Oslo, Norway