Jacky Jaan-Yuan Kuo 郭展源
The root of his knowledge is memory, the vehicle in which Jacky correlates between body, family, pictorial experience, object, and space. Drawing from these memories, perpetually categorised and designated narratives become identities in progress; the transformation of individual personhood in relation to collective rather than established entities.

Jacky's artistic practice melds traditional media such as site-specific installation, photography, sound, recordings, and text with atypical scrutinies of scents, liquids, cleaning, and publishing. By employing the (im)material, intimate touch of storytelling to his installations, he confers a subtle access to a harder inquiry of the scenarios: the paradoxes of intimacy, affective empathy, identity insecurity, and the latent violence of the patriarchal structure which permeates his eyes and our society.

Jacky (b. 1994, Taipei, Taiwan) currently lives and works in Oslo, Norway. He is a member of Young Artists’ Society (Unge Kunstneres Samfund—UKS) and Association of Norwegian Visual Artists (Norske Billedkunstnere—NBK).



Collaborations, freelance inquiries, or press, please contact
Jacky is currently co-working with/at TENTHAUS, an art collective and artist-run space in Oslo, Norway. As an extention to his site-specific practices, he probes process-oriented and experimental publishing, photo documentation, and graphic design as an engagement of collective practices.

Apart from collaborative projects, Jacky aslo works independently, providing services on a freelance basis: visual identities, editorial design, photo documentation and editing, typographic design for print, screen or the environment. (Read more on the page ‘Work’)

︎Curriculum Vitae

2021—2019MFA Fine Art, Oslo National Academy of the Arts (Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo), Norway
2017—2013BFA Applied Arts (Major: Visual Communication Design), Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan

︎︎︎Solo Exhibition
Podium, ‘Vi Sees’, Oslo, Norway
Resepsjonsgalleri, ‘The Location of Tears’, Oslo, Norway
Breadbox Contemporary, ‘Lighter’, Oslo, Norway

Resepsjonsgalleri, ‘The Backseat Window’, Oslo, Norway

︎︎︎Duo & Three-person Exhibition
2024Tenthaus, ‘Daddy’s Dinner’ (w/ Bobby Shuk-Pui Yu & JinBin Chen), Oslo, Norway
Oslo Kunstforening (OK), Savings Bank Foundation DNB's Prize Exhibition 2022 (Sparebankstiftelsen DNBs stipendutstilling 2022), Oslo, Norway
Loftet (Kunstnernes Hus), ‘Interface’ (w/ Eirik Melstrøm), Oslo, Norway
Tenthaus, ‘SeSiSå’ (w/ Wei Ting Zeng), Oslo, Norway
2020Uncanny Valley (Online Exhibition), ‘The Moment You Told Me You Wanted to Experience It, I Thought About Giving You That Experience 2.0’ (w/ JinBin Chen)
White Box, ‘The Moment You Told Me You Wanted to Experience It, I Thought About Giving You That Experience’ (w/ JinBin Chen), Oslo, Norway

︎︎︎Selected Group Exhibition
2022 Oslo Negativ (Gamle Biblioteket), ‘RIKDOM - Makt, Mangfold og Kontraster’ (w/ Tenthaus), Oslo, Norway
Aki Gallery, ‘Y.E.S. Taiwan IX’ (Young Emerging Stars of Taiwan IX), Taipei, Taiwan
Northing Space, ‘Intersension(al)’, Bergen, Norway
Kiosk Katten, ‘GATITAS’, Oslo, Norway
Kunstnernes Hus, ‘The Great Indoors’, Oslo, Norway

Low Standards Oslo, ‘XMAS xoxo’, Oslo, Norway
Galleri Seilduken, ‘Work The Muscle’, Oslo, Norway
, ‘Hinne’, Oslo, Norway

Markveien 35B, ‘The Here and Now’, Oslo, Norway
2017 Taiwan Design Museum, ‘Young Designers’ Group Exhibition 2017’, Taipei, Taiwan
Taipei World Trade Center, ‘Young Designers’ Exhibition 2017’ (YODEX 2017), Taipei, Taiwan

︎︎︎Artist Residency
Podium, ‘Vi Sees’, Oslo, Norway
Kunstnernes Hus, ‘The Great Indoors’, Oslo, Norway

︎︎︎Public Programme (Worshop, Talk, Discursive Dinner & Screening)
2022 Documenta 15, Participatory Workshop ‘Moments of Trust’ & ‘Discursive Dinner’ (invited by Gudskul, w/ Tenthaus), Fridericianum, Kassel, Germany
Oslo Open 2022, Open Studio at Atelier 1 (Kunstnernes hus), Oslo, Norway
Radio Tenthaus, Talk Radio ‘On SeSiSå Part One’ (w/ Wei Ting Zeng & Montserrat Llampallas), Oslo, Norway
Tenthaus, Children’s Workshop ‘SeSiSå’ (w/ Wei Ting Zeng), Oslo, Norway
2021 Grønland Senior Center (Grønland Flerkulturelle Eldresenter), Senior Workshop ‘SeSiSå’ (w/ Wei Ting Zeng), Oslo, Norway
Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts (Bergen senter for elektronisk kunst—BEK), Discursive Dinner ‘Playful Meal’ (w/ Tenthaus), Bergen, Norway
Paviljongen på Utsikten (Frognerparken), Performative Talk Show ‘God Kveld Frogner!’ (w/ Wei-Ting Zeng, Kamil Kak & Mac Lewandoski), Oslo, Norway
The Citizen’s Backyard Cinema (Borgernes Bakgårdskino), Screening ‘Step Towards’ (w/ JinBin Chen), Oslo, Norway
2019 Open Academy 2019 (Åpent Akademi 2019), Screening ‘Keep It Clean’, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Oslo, Norway
Galleri Skylight, Workshop ‘Keep It Clean’, Oslo, Norway

2023 Momentum 12 (Nordic Biennial of Contemporary Art), Co-curating w/ Tenthaus, Moss, Norway
Present—2022 Tenthaus, ‘Unfolding the Universe’ Experimental Publishing Project, Co-curating w/ Tenthaus, Oslo, Norway

The Savings Bank Foundation DNB (Sparebankstiftelsen DNB) & Oslo Kunstforening (OK), ‘Finalist’ of the Savings Bank Foundation DNB's Prize Exhibition 2022 (Sparebankstiftelsen DNBs stipendutstilling 2022), Norway
2021S-An Cultural Foundation, ‘S-An Aesthetics Award 2021’ (Category: Plastic Arts), Taiwan
The Relief Fund for Visual Artists (Bildende Kunstneres Hjelpefond—BKH), ‘Art Student Scholarship 2021’ (Kunststudentstipend 2021), Norway
Fund for Art and Design Students (Fondet for Kunst og Designstudenter—FKDS), One-year ‘Artists’ Studio Program 2021—2022’ (Atelier­programmet 2021—2022) at Kunstnernes Hus, Norway
2020 Magasinet Fotografi, ‘Longlist’ of the Photography Portfolio Award 2020 (Fotografis Portfoliopris 2020), Norway
2017 Taiwan Design Center, ‘Gold Award’ of the Designer Venture Challenge Project (w/ Shu-Shan Chen & Yihan Liao), Taiwan
Taiwan Design Center, ‘Young Pin Design Award’ (Category: Visual Communication Design) of the Young Designers’ Exhibition (YODEX), w/ Shu-Shan Chen & Yihan Liao, Taiwan

︎︎︎Grant & Project Support
The Cultural School Bag Norway (Den kulturelle skolesekken—DKS), ‘Bråkekropp’ (w/ Wei Ting Zeng & Montserrat Llampallas), Vestfold and Telemark County Council (Vestfold og Telemark fylkeskommune), Norway
2022 Oslo Municipality (Oslo kommune), ‘One-year Subsidized Workplace/studio 2022—2023’ (Ettårig subsidiert arbeidslokale 2022—2023), Norway
Norwegian Visual Artists Fund (Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond—BKV), One-year Scholarship Award 2022 (Ettårig stipendtildelinger 2022), Norway

2021Arts Council Norway (Kulturrådet), ‘Project Support for Artists in the Establishment Phase’ (Prosjektstøtte til kunstnere i etableringsfasen), Norway
Oslo Municipality (Oslo kommune), ‘Artist Scholarship from Oslo Municipality’s Crisis Package 2021’ (Kunstnerstipend fra Oslo kommunes krisepakke), Norway
Norwegian Visual Artists Fund (Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond—BKV), ‘Project Support Autumn 2021’ (Prosjektstøtte høst 2021), Norway
Arts Council Norway (Kulturrådet), ‘Miscellaneous Scholarship for Newly Graduated Artists’ (Diverse­stipend for ny­utdannede kunstnere), Norway

︎︎︎Selected Press & Feature
e-flux, ‘Artist collective Tenthaus to curate twelfth edition of the biennale’ (featured online)
NRK News (NRK nyheter), ‘Where Art Is Created: Join Norway’s Largest Art Festival’ (Der kunsten skapes: Bli med inn på Norges største kunstfestival), featured online on, interviewed by the photojournalist Xin Li)
2021 Association of Norwegian Visual Artists (Norske Billedkunstnere—NBK), ‘The Location of Tears’ (featured in printed issue ‘Billedkunst Nr. 2 2021’, ‘Kunst til salgs!’ written by Lars Elton) 2020 Breadbox Contemporary, ‘I Don’t Have The Mental Capacity To Fail At Bread Making Right Now’ (featured online in ‘?box-magazine’) 2019 Everyday Object, ‘Life Photography’ (featured online in ‘Issue. 020’)
2017  Behance, ‘Bu Shi Mei Shu Xi’ (featured online in ‘InDesign’, w/ Shu-Shan Chen & Yihan Liao)
Behance, ‘Communication’ (featured online in ‘Branding’, w/ Shu-Shan Chen & Yihan Liao)
Inspire Magazine, ‘Bu Shi Mei Shu Xi’ (featured in printed issue ‘No. 9’, w/ Shu-Shan Chen & Yihan Liao)
2015 Design Magazine, ‘Emotion Qualification: Leave and Move’ (featured in printed issue ‘No. 185’)

Present—2019 Young Artists’ Society (Unge Kunstneres Samfund—UKS) & Association of Norwegian Visual Artists (Norske Billedkunstnere—NBK)


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