a)  Unframed photographs,
b)  Inkjet printing
c)  Dimension variable
d)  2019

I aspire to capture and evoke the glimpses that, being aware I am dreaming, are so surreal that I may (actually) gain some amount of control over the dream characters, narratives, and environment; however, I cannot always see the scene behind the beings/characters in my dreams. The pieces displayed share the same unreal atmosphere, bathed in the glow of dusk or the shadows of the night, with focal points of vibrant colour that reflect the surroundings of my country.Accordingly, I aim to recompose and implement the missing scenes as well as a sense of time through developing a series of photographs based on different lucid dreams. This process not only recalls memories on an obscure basis but discovers the extended personal subconsciousness, mental intensity, and spiritual state in my real life.