a)  Single-channel video, Full HD (A collaboration with JinBin Chen TianYi)
b)  05’00’’
c)  2020

Steps Towards (2020), still images from the Full HD video

Director/Producer/Editing: Jacky Jaan-Yuan Kuo, Jinbin Chen TianYi;
Cast: Magnus Holger Knoblauch Hjortlund, Jinbin Chen TianYi, Felix Emanuel Dahlström Persson, Rickard Ravnanger Aall, Jørgen Herleiksplass Lie, Eirik Hvinden Melstrøm, Jacky Jaan-Yuan Kuo, Simon Matthew Valentine, Emil Kjærnli, Stan D'Haene, Jasper Siverts, Joel Billekvist; Alex Webber, Jan Dirk Adams, Boris Windmeijer, Hamid Waheed, Yulong Jin, @Hovsep;
Director of Photography: Jacky Jaan-Yuan Kuo

This video Step Towards comes from the desire of blurring the boundary between subjects and objects.

All the sentences, constructed from some peculiar and short personal experiences of Jinbin Chen, in the video was thrown as abject by people who created them (their creators probably do not want to recognize their authorship anymore). Chen, as the receiver, by putting them together, have became their new author. Reinterpreted by males in their own way, without knowing the background, these sentences are given a new look. The old intimacies are filtered and the new ones become.

In contract with clearly quantified processes of the fermentation preparation, the upcoming transformation of unpredictable texture of the vegetable alludes to how interactions/dependencies between substances of bodies will be refreshed and reconstructed in an ongoing path.

There is no linear development of narrative between all the sentences. Two artists combine each sentence with the steps of making kimchi, making it dependent on the narrative of kimchi making (as if create an environment for the bacteria to ferment), so that there becomes new connectivity between not only the sentences and the kimchi making, but also the sentences themselves. This new connectivity between sentences may not have any logical meaning. But with this new connectivity based on the old disconnection, two artists wish unexpected emotional turns can occur, when the situation of the film is tried to be understood.