A Son Is The Dad’s Lovers
From A Past Life


a)  Pine wood sheets (12 mm) with laser engraved flowers, wooden dowel rods (Ø 2mm), rubber plungers
b)  174x16x16 & 168x16x16 (cm)
c)  2020

A Son Is The Dad’s Lover From A Past Life is an installation presented under a group exhibition, Work the Muscle, at the Galleri Seiduken in Oslo, Norway.

Exhibitors consist
of nine artists from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. The exhibition is accompanied by an event presenting a collective choir.

ARTISTSAna Marques Engh, Bobby Yu Shuk Pui, Emil Kjærnli, Emilia Sølvsten, Fanny Fermelin, Jacky Jaan-Yuan Kuo, Sara Liv Hermansson, Signe Greve Persson, Solveig Ylva Dagsdottir

PRESS RELEASE We would like to invite you all for a work-out session in company with Maryam Jafri's muscle-workers from last year's group crit (2019-2020). Displaying developed works from collective gym-sessions with the one and only Maryam Jafri. [Text by Emilia Sølvsten]